Slide GROW WITH JOY I help you, bright minds, to gain clarity and to advance in your career and personal growth. Leadership starts from within. Working with me will empower you to move from talking the talk to walking the walk.

Because it is time to thrive in work and life!
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Hello! I am Svetoslava, an energetic doer, entrepreneur, communicator and firm supporter of you.

I am here to help you unleash your personal, career and business potential.

Coaching and more

Coaching is a set of tools and practices with the only aim to move your priorities forward. Professionally I am committed to the golden standard in coaching – ICF – and it describes coaching as a process that unleashes one’s potential. My experience shows that coaching is the fastest route to self-awareness, goal setting, planning, action and desired accomplishment.


New Mindset Coaching & Training

New Mindset Coaching & Training (NMCT) is a business endeavor founded with the purpose to accompany in the development of conscious leadership models for-profit and for-impact organizations. The NMCT is built around the theory and practice of partnerships and its work is grounded in the Bond of Co-creators – professional community of experienced and autonomous entrepreneurs.


How this all works? I will ask questions, create space for insight and you will craft your own way forward.

1:1 coaching sessions

“Better Me” individual program


2:1 coaching sessions

with my Bond of Co-Creators

for leaders, companies, teams or individuals who:

Join the “Clarity Check-In Series”

Clarity Check-in Series is a pilot group coaching program in an exploratory format. Here, the questions become the answers. Suitable for individuals who:

  • Are pondering over a career challenge and need a fresh perspective
  • Like to make own choices rather than taking advice
  • Have the clear feeling, that you need to redefine your priorities

Make a present to a friend or colleague who would benefit from coaching

  • The perfect gift for someone who is at a crossroad in their working life
  • Preliminary questionnaire for identifying pinpoints and areas of focus
  • 1:1 clarity session with duration 1.15 hour
  • Tailor-made process with a coaching instrument that would best serve to the person
  • Proprieties next steps planning
  • Feedback and additional resources after the session


Based on my background and in cooperation with my network of outstanding professionals I can partner you in your project or initiative in:

Erasmus+ projects

in the field of coaching and training, youth work and development

Business Development

Facilitation of business development processes

Coaching workshops

on finding purposeful occupation and meaning in the professional life

Marketing Consultations

marketing and sales trainings for solo-preneurs and small businesses

Entrepreneurial mindset

and skills for startups

Positive intelligence coaching

so you can reach your full potential for both happiness and success.

Youth Entrepreneurship

workshops and trainings

Systemic coaching

guided self-reflection to consider systemic contexts of a concern from different perspectives

Career and Transition Coaching

for individuals and small groups

NLP coaching

and Business constellations facilitation


"I have known Svetoslava for more than 10 years. In 2019, I decided to add a couple of investments to my personal portfolio and needed some guidance. I was really lucky to have her by my side. She supported me in some situations where I experienced difficulties and didn’t know how exactly to handle them. She asked the right questions in order for me to clear my perspective and find a solution to every challenge. I am extremely thankful for having her there and highly recommend her as a professional coach to anyone who needs that last part to solve the puzzle."
Dimitar Dimitrov
"In a very hard period of my life, Svetoslava and the coaching sessions we did together enlightened my challenges and helped me see them in a different perspective. Thanks to Svetoslava I now know that nothing is as scary as you imagine it. After each session I felt relaxed and empowered to meet everything that's coming."


"Svetoslava has a lovely, warm and friendly coaching style that appealed to me and made me look forward to our sessions. She brings a great blend of professionalism and personal touch to her coaching personality. As a client, I prefer a coach who is willing to give suggestions, even if the coaching manual rules that as "a cardinal sin". She acknowledged that aspect of my needs and moulded her sessions accordingly for which I'll always be grateful. She is a great listener and asks powerful questions that initiate deep conversation.“
"When I started my coaching sessions with Svetoslava, I was a new mom who had taken a long break from a demanding but rewarding career. I knew I wanted to return to work but also that the long hours and constant travel were no longer feasible. With several career options to choose from, I was agonizing over what to do next. Svetoslava used various coaching techniques which helped me ask myself the right questions and explore what really matters to me. After a few sessions, I found much needed clarity and confidence. Thank you, Svetoslava!“


"I had the pleasure of being coached by Svetoslava on several occasions and highly recommend her. She is an excellent coach, warm and authentic and at the same time an absolute professional. Her good listening and reflective skills allow you to see the bigger picture and move forward with your goals. I definitely have grown as a professional and as a person with her help and support."
"The magic is in simplicity. Svetoslava skillfully uses the power of systemic intelligence to trigger personal intuition and wisdom, transforming complex issues into manageable situations. Highly recommend her group coaching format Clarity Check-in Series!"


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