Hi, I am Svetoslava Stoyanova



Coaching workshops, Career and Transition Coaching, Entrepreneurship Trainings for individuals and small groups

Creative Power

Erasmus+ projects in the field of coaching and training, youth work and development



Facilitation of Business Development Processes; Marketing and sales consultations for solo-preneurs and small businesses


Why choose me

Whether you are an individual or organization, you will work with me for who I am, but you need to choose me through what I have achieved so far. This is important because my intention and your expectation lay on the expertise and experience I bring to the table.

I am Svetoslava, an energetic Do-er, entrepreneur, communicator and firm supporter of you, defining and activating your personal, career and business potential. 



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Humanly centered when it comes to individuals and organizations. Result driven and precise in undertaking the right action at the right moment.

What I can promise is to lead you by following you.

What I can guarantee is clarity.  

This is where your journey to growth starts. I will create the space for you to choose the right pace. We can run together towards your goal or we can think walk. As it takes effort and lightness. It will happen through a genuine partnership.

What methodology to expect?

In my work I employ my values, my learnings and myself, a work in progress and a creative mix of entrepreneurial mindset, ICF & Intunity coaching, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), positive intelligence, systemic thinking, and my deep and respectful belief that what you truly want, you will achieve it.    


I was not born а coach. I was always a devoted high achiever in directions that felt meaningful to me. My working life started with unusual summer job, at the age of 16 I become a junior reporter at the local radio station in Targovishte, my home town in Bulgaria. Now, 25 years later, I am fulfilled professional, mother of twin boys, wife of their father, friend of incredible humans and passionate learner and explorer of life and work. I hold university degrees in Business Administration and in Book Publishing, well applied in my professional experience so far.

Your Journey

What matters to you the most? What do you or your team want to achieve?

Let me tell you a secret. Whatever it is you will have it with ease and lightness once you start seeing your goal as a work in progress. Your goals today will become your tools tomorrow.

A goal once achieved is a recourse from which your next goal will stem. Seeing it that way you no longer will experience the stress of climbing the success ladder, you will start enjoy the journey.

There are a few things to be aware though:

  • Don’t ask yourself WHY you want to achieve a certain GOAL, but WHAT in that goal is most valuable for you.
  • The GOAL that you have now – are you sure that YOU are the one that really want it?
  • How your GOAL impacts people around you?

What is your most strong wish? What do you want to accomplish? What do You want?    


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