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New Mindset Coaching & Training (NMCT) is a business endeavor founded with the purpose to accompany in the development of conscious leadership models for-profit and for-impact organizations. The NMCT is built around the theory and practice of partnerships and its work is grounded in the Bond of Co-creators – professional community of experienced and autonomous entrepreneurs.

Experts who are part of The Bond of Co-Creators are already walking the talk. New Mindset Coaching & Training is another avenue to craft and ship meaningful work while collaborating with other talented professionals. We understand that the best way to serve holistically rarely stems from one person’s expertise. Based on our background and interests, we deliver a tailor-made individual, group and team business solutions in coaching, consultancy, advising and mentoring.   



My expertise is in individual and group career and growth coaching, self-awareness process, strategic communications, business development, fundraising and partnership-based sales, creative content creation, events design and management, broadcasting, branding and marketing.   

I believe in the key role self-awareness has in our business and personal growth. Leadership starts within.

Kombe Temba


My expertise is in personal leadership coaching and consulting, public speaking and training, corporate strategy development, writing, editing and graphic design.

I believe in authentic, value and purpose driven leadership.

Elica Mollov


My expertise is in project and event management, graphic design and design thinking, creative solutions to uncreative situations, startup business idea discovery, validation and execution, community cultivation and growth.  

I believe in the magic of our own power to adapt, evolve and be better. I believe we create better future for the generations to come by giving our best each and every day. 

Leeni Ringman


My expertise is in 1:1 coaching for parents, early childhood education, creating healthy boundaries, emotion regulation, communication with children & strengthening relationships within the family.
I believe in being curious, kind and consistent – not only towards others, but towards yourself. Self-care is key to parenting!

James Jolovski


My expertise is in financial and performance management consulting – personal and in the private sector, analysis for effectiveness and efficiency optimisation, research work, developing educational resources and conducting training.  

I believe in the sound choices, driven by consciousness, values and decisiveness, which ultimately lead us to achieving our goals.

Ivelina Borislavova


My expertise is in nutrition, and my specific focus is on gut health with my program Good Gut Health. I grew up in Bulgaria, surrounded by fruits and vegetables. Now, based in the UK I make beautiful platters of food, that you can feast on and feel great doing it.

I believe that if you feel good in your own skin you can do anything you set your mind to. 


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