Frames and borders are what help us GO DEEPER


Media and broadcasting

A few months after my junior start in the radio I was given the opportunity to develop my own show, which I called Sunday Rhythm. In the first decade of my career, I worked as а news anchor in a television, as the host of daily morning radio show, scriptwriter and broadcaster in a few TV and radio productions, about career and business development. At the age of 25, I had already gained much useful nowadays professional expertise in broadcasting and producing, so to be brave and comfortable on stage or in front of a camera and capable to start a media production from scratch.



At the age of 26 I co-founded a small, yet creative and successful book publishing & advertising company, where for 7 years I mastered the skills required for running a business – sustaining challenges and hard times, communicating effectively, selling without selling – which I see as partnership-based sales, strategic business relations development, brand building and marketing. A lot of marketing! Plus, editorial and creative work. If you had run your own business, you well know that rarely you have a solo role. And yet, my main accomplishment was to create and implement the sales and growth strategy of our publishing business, developing long lasting, humanly driven professional relationships.

Organizational development

An awesome journey that actually led me to coaching was my managerial position in the non-governmental sector. I admit that it was a highly corporate experience, because of my ‘for profit’ position. As Sales and Marketing director of the Bulgarian chapter of Junior Achievement, I passionately contributed to the business development and success of an organization, acknowledged for enlightening the entrepreneurial and startup spirit in youth throughout the world. I turned every contact into a relationship, seeing my role as fruitful partnerships cultivator. However, I was not immunized against the side effects a dream job can offer: I went twice through some of the burnout syndrome stages. And then, in 2016, came the opportunity to enroll in the Professional program of Intunity Coaches. 
The rest, as they say, is history and here am I – a human walking their Why. I now know that life can offer more and what is within us is the starting point to go further.

Coaching and training

Certified professional coach, I now hold also the ACC credential from ICF, International Coaching Federation.

Life-long learning is approach through which I function and keep building my expertise and knowledge, attending various professional courses and specializations in the direction I have chosen for myself. Some of them are Designing practical tertiary entrepreneurship programs (2015, Israel and 2017, The Netherlands), Communities systematic change (2019), Positive intelligence (2020) and Facilitation of business constellations (2020).


My values

We sometimes mistake values with goals, which they are not. Values empower us to accomplish our goals. As I share in my TEDx talk, values are what matters to us and what we choose to do when no one is watching us or is expecting something from us. And once in a while, we shift as humans and so shift our values. Those that currently fuel my presence as human and professional are Responsibility, Persistence, Service, Belonging and Privacy.


My motivation

My motivation is at the end of every coaching conversation I have. This micro moment, when a coachee or a group shares their shift or I see it in their eyes, hear it in their voice, sensing it in their composure. My motivation is often found in the empowering silence in which one pauses before they are ready to shift, to execute, to go for what they crave, to turn intention into action.


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